Re: Models with parents and heterotic groups

From: Arthur <asremlforum_at_VSNI.CO.UK>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 12:39:06 +0100

Dear Chloe,

I would write

Recolte !BINOMIAL !LOGIT !TOTAL Plantes ~ mu Environnement,
!r GrHet1 and(GrHet2) Parent1 and Parent2

predict Parent1 !present GrHet1

ASReml needs to be tricked into coding GrHet and Parent conformably.
This is easier in ASReml3 where you can use

 Parent1 !A 845
 Parent2 !AS Parent1
  GrHet1 *
  GrHet2 *

Again, the predict may not work as you hope if not all 845 parents appear as
Parent1 since ASReml will not be able to work out the link based on
Parent1 and GrHet1 for those parents that do not appear as Parent1.

You may need a second predict statement

predict Parent2 !PRESENT GrHet2

That should get you started at least.

GrHet1.Parent1 - GrHet2.Parent2 and(GrHet2.Parent2)

Arthur Gilmour

Retired Principal Research Scientist (Biometrics)

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