Re: Models with parents and heterotic groups

From: Chloe <asremlforum_at_VSNI.CO.UK>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 08:24:56 +0100

Dear Arthur,

Thank your for looking at my problem.

My data look like this:

Recolte Plantes Environnement Parent1 Parent2 GrHet1 GrHet2
20 100 E1 A G 1 4
30 150 E1 A F 1 3

This is maize data.
I'd like to analyse the number of harvested plants ("Recolte"), in relation to the number of sowed plants ("Plantes"), in different environments (I have 7 different environments), each plant being the results of the cross between two parents. Each parent belongs to one and only one heterotic group.
I have 845 parents divided in 4 different heterotic groups.

What do you advise to me?

Best regards,

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