RE: question related to the TAG paper
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RE: question related to the TAG paper

> Dear Arthur,
> Thanks for the answer concerning diallel analysis!
> As regards cathegorical traits, we frequently use the 'normal scores' (NSC)
> transformation (Gianola & Norton 1981) on a within-fixed-effect-blocks
> basis. In spite of several classes being recorded, in general only very few
> tend to have high frequecies.
> What is your opinion about NSC?
> Best regards / Tore

This is the kind of thing I had in mind referring to transformation.
In well understood contexts it is a step in the right direction.
It does not take account of the different variances associated with the
tails which is included when you do a GLMM.  
Typically normal scores are worked out from the overall frequencies
but in the presence of major fixed effects, you should really have different 
for observations in different groups.  Then the whole thing gets messy.

So, by all means use normal scores but when it comes to
interpretation, you may not be any further advanced than using
the original scores in many applications.

I presume you saw Bruce's comments.


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