Re: coding .pin files
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Re: coding .pin files

Hello Leigh,

A bit more information would make it easier to reply.
> Dear ASREML users
> I am analysing a factorial design with the treatments being read in as
> alphanumerics. In the .ASR file, there are no parameter #s for the levels
> of the main effects; there are for the interaction components. I want to
> calculate various SEM's and SED's. How do I code the  parameters in the
> .PIN file. For instance suppose I want an SEM for level SHALLOW of
> treatment CULTIVATION. The interaction components are parameters{8:11}?

I gather you have fitted a MEANS model, i.e.
you only have effects for the interaction [and these
are infact means for the interaction effects].

To calculate the mean of effects 8:ll the pin file should say

SHALLOW_CULT  { 8:11 } /4


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