Re: yet another question
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Re: yet another question

Dear All,
I am surprised any of the changes Luis suggests below would make
any diffenence except the last one.

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> Hi Hugo,

> Sometimes I got error messages like yours. Try with the following options:
> - Delete the first line of your data file (where probably you have comments or 
> variable names) and run the program without using the !skip option.

   You could check the .asr file first for the message about lines skipped.
   Your suggestion would make no difference UNLESS !SKIP was in the wrong
   place and was therefore not actioned.
> - Use the full file name, including the path; e.g. c:\...\dat.prn
   There is a limit to the length of the PATHNAME: 
> - May be you are using a free format in your data file. Try using a fixed > 
> with the first x columns for the first variable, then y columns for the 
second, etc.

   ASREML will always read it FREE FORMAT so if you used fixed format, you
   still must have a space or comma or TAB separating each value.
   Missing Values must be represent in the file [ blank fields are not valid]
     e.g.   Some spreadsheets represent missing values as ,, but
     ASREML requires something like ,*, for amissing value in a comma
     separated file.
   If two data field coalesce ASREML will read the two values as one
   and be out of step on the rest of the line.  If there are no
   redundant data fields on the line, it will get the last value
   from the next line.  Consequently, at least one field will have
   an oversize maximum and there will be less records read than expected.  

> So you have all the records with the same length.

  This can be checked partially by looking at the count of records
  and lines of data read.  

> - Check the size of your animal codes, maybe they are too big.
   This may well be the problem.  Integer identities are limited to
   8 [9 if the first is zero] digits.  i.e. < 200000000.
   The value in Hugo's example was            661101129 which breaks this rule.
   The answer is then to use !ALPHA pedigree option

> Even when ASREML usually has no problems with the use of !skip, free formats, 
> sometimes (if you are unlucky enough) it does.  Good luck,

Luis Apiolaza
Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand

"Have little and you will get,
have much and you will be confused"  - Lao Tzu

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