Re: Multi-variate Correlations
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Re: Multi-variate Correlations

To all ASREML users,
                    I am currently doing my phD at The University of 
Adelaide.  My project involves analysing fleece and skin measurements 
taken from the South Australian Turretfield Research Flock.  

We have a situation in which there are approximately 15 skin traits and 
20 fleece traits, with which we want to calculate between trait 
correlation values.

We have already conducted bivariate analysis amongst these traits, and we 
are wanting now to calculate some multivariate correlation values.  The 
memory on our computer restricts us to 11 traits per run, and there are 
certain traits that cannot be grouped together because it appears as if 
LogL will not converge when traits that are highly correlated are grouped 

We would like some comments and advice, based on other users experience, 
on how to logically group our traits.  Should we aim to get as many 
traits in a run as possible, or should we make more groups with smaller 
numbers?  Is there a point when you stop increasing the number of traits 
included in a particular run?  Are there certain traits that should be 
grouped together to obtain the most accurate correlation values?

These are a few of our questions, can users reply with details on what 
method they have used to calculate multivariate correlation values 
amongst large data sets.

          Jane Hill
          The University of Adelaide
          South Australia.