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Dear collegues and ASREML users,

May God bless you in 2002.

Those who have updated ASREML in the last six weeks will find that it now requires
a license file.  

When you run ASREML it should
    1.  Issue a 30 day temporary license  (in ASReml.alx)
    2.  write a file  ASRemlRegister.txt in the current directory (in Unix) or in C:\ (on Windows).

To initiate licensing, you must complete the details in the ASRemlRegister.txt file
and email it to  VSN, who are handling the commercialization,
should then tell you what is required.

As far as I know, the Commercialization contract has not been signed off so I presume
VSN will issue a temporary license.

Some have had problems with the new version on Unix machines.  The problem is
that ASReml fails to create the temporary license file.  The best solution to this problem
is to create a shell script.  As of yesterday, I enclose a template.  It is

#! /bin/sh
#   Script file for running ASReml
# Set the paths to point to the location of the License file
# and the location of the program.


/usr/local/asreml/asreml $*

You will need to edit the pathnames in this script and then use it to run ASREML
rather than using it directly.  This will mean that the License file is always found.

This should work for the Solaris and Linux versions.  I suggest those using the Dec Alpha version
wait a little longer until the license manager for it is working properly.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Arthur Gilmour PhD        
Principal Research Scientist (Biometrics)            fax: <61> 2 6391 3899
NSW Agriculture                                           <61> 2 6391 3922
Orange Agricultural Institute                     telephone work: <61> 215
Forest Rd, ORANGE, 2800, AUSTRALIA                  home: <61> 2 6364 3288
                                                 mobile: <61> 4 1964 7675
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