pedigree file
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pedigree file

Dear users...

I'm having problems getting Asreml to read my pedigree file. The error
message reads: "Pedigree to big!  or in error". I know it's not to big, so
it must be in error... In  the pedigree file I have numbers and letters
mixed in the following way:
101a 37c 3a
101b 37c 3a
101c 37c 3a
101d 37c 3a
102a 41c 8a
102b 41c 8a
10001129 113c 140a
10001138 150c 133b
10001110 143c 120a
22182410 10001218 10001124
22182400 10001218 10001124
22182422 10001218 10001124
22452101 10001245 10001121

Can i not mix numbers and letters even though I spesify with ALPHA?
The *.AS file reads:

pedigree.asci !ALPHA !MAKE 
data.asci !CSV !MAXIT 40

a ~ mu !r animal 
Thanks in advance, 
Knut Roland

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