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Dear user's,
I 'm evaluating calving rate (binary data) during productive life of beef cows, from a selection experiment (two selection lines and a control). I intend to fit a threshold animal model and I make the follow .as file:
Calving rate
 cow 5830 !P #animal and pedigree
 ncow 928 !I  # to classifier the permanent environmental of cow
 reb 3 !I        # 3 selection lines
 gc  252 !I
 prena 2 !I
 civm 4 !I
 p550 !-268.4055
 pem !-392.8669
taxap          # calving rate 0 or 1
taxap !BIN !PROBIT ~ mu gc pem p550 prena reb !r cow ncow
How can I do to request the genetic variance and heritability in .as file? Would you give me please an example of threshold animal
model for binary data? In these models I really can fit a permanent environmental of cow?
best regards
Maria Eugênia
Maria Eugênia Mercadante
Escola Superior de Agricultura Luís de Queiroz
Universidade de São Paulo - São Paulo - Brasil
Instituto de Zootecnia: http://www.izsp.br/eezooser