BLUPs of mean performance of genotypes
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BLUPs of mean performance of genotypes

Dear Arthur,

ASReml provides BLUPs of genotype effects. In a fixed effects model, a
genotype's mean performance is simply the sum of the BLUE of its effect and
the GM. In random/mixed models, this simple sum is not the BLUP of a
genotype's mean performance. It would perhaps good if, in your final
commercial release of ASReml, you could also provide for directly obtaining
BLUPs of genotypes' mean performance, as in GenStat. I wonder whether all
users of ASReml are aware of the way in which the BLUP of mean performance
are to be obtained from the BLUP of effects!    

Best regards,

Subhash :: 23 Apr 2001 
Subhash Chandra, DSc
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