Using OWN-structure
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Using OWN-structure

I am trying to specify own variance structures using facility OWN. Using the
'clasical' definition of the variance structure, I get the residual
component AR=0.231273.
File '' was:

Using own

 ident !P                       # Animal
 x                              # Testday
 anim 2476 !I                   # Animal to permanent
 mfi                            # Mean daily feed intake
 iniwt                          # Initial weight-mean iniwt 46
 birthfa 5 !I                   # Birth family
 season 21 !I                   # Season
 x2                             # Testday*testday
 apparat 26 !I                  # Apparat


mfi ~ mu iniwt birthfa season apparat x x2,

1 2 0

anim                    # R=IxRo
5 0 OWN1 0.01 !TR

and generated output file 'varstr.asr'

   5  OWNxx       0.01
   12380 records assumed sorted    5 within 2476
   Forming  889  equations:  343  dense
   Initial updates will be shrunk by factor    0.316
   Fault     4  READING OWN structures varstr

I am working under Linux. I have tried with original MYOWNGDG.f90 in
directory $HOME/asreml/ (together with asreml) and in directory
$HOME/random/ (together with the asreml-program). File 'varstrB.own' was
also generated.

    5    1    1

 This file was written by ASReml for reading by your
 program MYOWNGDG
 ASReml writes this file, runs your program and then reads
 which it presumes has the following format:
 The first lines should agree with the top of this file
 specifying the order of the matrices         (    5)
            the number of variance parameters (    1)
      and a control  parameter you can specify (    1).
 These are written in (3I5 ) format. They are followed by
 the list of variance parameters  written in (6D13.7) format.
 Follow this with     2 matrices  written in (6D13.7) format.
 These are to be each of    15 elements being lower triangle
 row-wise of the G matrix and  its derivatives with respect to
 the parameters in turn.


Any suggestions, perhaps changes of the f90-program?
Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend.

Justo Lorenzo Bermejo

  Justo Lorenzo Bermejo                                    
  Institut fr Tierzucht und Tierhaltung                   
  Olshausenstr. 40                                           
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  Germany                                    &_____         
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