FW: F-adj and Type III
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FW: F-adj and Type III

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From: Nagda, Sonal 
Sent: 30 November 2000 16:21
To: 'asreml-request@lamb.chiswick.anprod.csiro.au'
Subject: F-adj and Type III 

Dear Sir,
            I have just started using ASREML.  I was comparing the F-adj I
ran with ASREML with the same model I also ran in SAS.  When there are
interactions in the model the F-adj is quite different from the SAS type III
squares.   Please could you let me know why this is the case.

Attached are the outputs for ASREML and SAS.
	yrlwt3.asr   for   ASREML
	yrwt3.lst     for   SAS

Thank  you

Sonal Nagda

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