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I am using ASReml to run random regression models using Legendre polynomials.
Reading in and fitting the covariates is no problem as long as I want to fit the
same order to both the animal and permanent environmental effects. That is, the
covariates can be read  in as:

phi 6 !F (or something like phi 4 !F rest 2 !F for a lower order fit)

with the corresponding model statement of:  animal.phi perm.phi  .

How should the variables be read in (or created) if I want to fit different
orders to the animal and permanent environmental effects, for example,
animal.phi4 perm.phi2 ?

I know it is possible to read each of the phi covariates in separately as phia,
phib, etc. and then use the pol statement as follows:

animal.pol(phib,4) perm.pol(phib,2)

but my understanding of this method is that ASReml forms its own orthogonal
polynomials and doesn't use the Legendre ones.  My preference would be to use
the Legendre ones as all my analyses to date have used them.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

Anne Winkelman
Livestock Improvement
New Zealand

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