Re: Running on Alpha
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Re: Running on Alpha

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Denny Crews wrote:
> Dear All:
> I am wondering if anyone has experience installing/running ASREML on the Alpha?  
> I currently have a DEC (Compaq) 500au running Red Hat Linux 6.2 and would like
> to build ASREML on it.  Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks in Advance,

we have a similar machine, running redhat 5.2. asreml compiles with g77 after
you make a few simple changes to the "" file. but there is also a
linux fortran compiler sold by compaq (at quite a reasonable price). using this
compiler, i found that asreml compiled without having to make any
modifications at all, and the resulting binaries executed significantly faster
than those created with g77.

Andrew Swan
CSIRO Animal Production
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Armidale  2350  AUSTRALIA
ph.   +61 (0)2 67761377
fax.  +61 (0)2 67761333
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