Computing environments for ASREML
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Computing environments for ASREML

Dear friends,

You may be interested to know I am at Rothamsted for a month (till 25 May)
thinking about some issues related to ASREML.

I would appreciate feedback from users as to the computing environments
in which ASREML is being used other than MS Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris

I already supply compiled versions for these environments.

Unfortunately the Solaris 2.6 version does not run on older (2.5.1) versions
because they do not have huge file support [a library thing which have not
been able to identify a work around].

So, if you are not using one of the 3 systems listed above or would like to
use another system,
please let my know what you would like.

One issue in this is that for graphics, ASREML uses the Interacter library.

Arthur Gilmour
27 Apr 2000 
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