third time lucky!
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third time lucky!

I am obviously not good with addresses. Third time lucky in sending this -
hope someone can help!



>Hi all,
>I'm sure Arthur has already told me how to do this , but would like to
>group factors together according to value - and the syntax I've tried is
>not working. Any ideas?
>eg. group 1yolds separately and group 2 with 3yr olds, and 4 with 5 year olds
>agegrp !SUB 1 (2,3) (4,5) #does not work..
>I have put commas in, taken them out, but never seem to get the right
>number of groups even if asreml manages not to crash on a line like this.
>(I am using the October 1999 version...).
>I would appreciate any help.

Kim Bunter (M.Rur.Sc)
PhD Student
Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
University of New England
Armidale, NSW, 2351

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