Re: Fortran error
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Re: Fortran error

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From: <>
To: Janet Roden <>
Date: 05 January 2000 15:17
Subject: Re: Fortran error

>Can you send the .pin file to the ASREML list?  Or at least the line that
>creates the error and the associated solutions?

Please see attachment.  As you will see, the .PIN file is a very simple one.
I don't believe this is the problem in itself.

>The problem appears to be numerical overflow and suggests your .pin is not
>I tend to start simple and buildup .pin especially contrasts and ls means
>interactions - ASREML does not check for estimability!  You MUST tell
>the correct functions to use.  So use SAS (glm) or Genstat (?) under a
>effects model (drop the random terms from the model) to find the
>functions to use.

I have analysed the data using a fixed model in Genstat prior to analysis
with ASREML in order to identify the correct fixed effect model to use.