Re: Multiple trait model-covariate for one trait only
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Re: Multiple trait model-covariate for one trait only


I have just discovered an important bug in setting up the design matrix
for certain interactions  - mainly  interactions of constrained terms
like c(A).c(B) are affected.  The bug will not affect variance components
but does mess up the interpretation of the constrained fixed effects.
It has not altered any of my test jobs.

If you have predicted means from an analysis with interactions of constrained
terms, you should rerun the job and recalculate the predicted values.

I hope to put a fixed version up later today and will advise.

Please accept my sincerest apology.
Arthur 23 Oct 98


Concerning HUGO's question

Assuming you have the data in the multivariate form,
   tag !P
   y1 y2 y3 y4
   y1 y2 y3 y4 ~ Trait  at(Trait,1).x1  Tr.fix !r Tr.tag
 If you have an older version,  use  Trait|1/x1  instead of   at(Trait,1).x1
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> Subject: Multiple trait model-covariate for one trait only 
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> Hello:
> I have an animal genetic analysis with four traits. One covariate exists
> only for one trait. Shall I define the values for the covariate for the
> other traits as missing, put zeroes or else?.
> Thank you again,
> Hugo
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