changes to asreml list
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changes to asreml list

greetings all - i have made some changes to the asreml mailing list: 

- it is now hosted on a different computer, although the email address
is **unchanged**
- associated with this, i am using different list server software. you
will see some differences in addressing, in particular when you reply to
a message from the list. apart from this, its pretty much business as
usual - subscribing and unsubscribing work as before.
- the messages are now archived automatically to the following web url:

this has been happening for a while in the background. all messages sent
to the list since september have been archived, along with quite a few
before then - but not all.

bye for now

ps. sorry about the cryptic "test" messages. 
Andrew Swan
CSIRO Animal Production
Pastoral Research Laboratory
Armidale  2350  AUSTRALIA
ph.  +61 (0)2 67761377
fax  +61 (0)2 67761333
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