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I wonder if anyone with a little more experience with ASREML could take a
look at this model and the R and G structure specs. I am trying to estimate
genetic correlations between two traits in an animal halfsib design, and am
using ASREML to estimate variances and covariances. The results I get from
an .as file such as the one below make sense to me, but I must admit I am
not too confident that I did the right things in specifying the lines below
the model.

I would appreciate anyone who uses ASREML ofr similar (admittedly simple)
types of analyses just verifying that I haven't made a huge mistake at this


Rob Brooks
Estimating Genetic correlations
 SIRE 44
 Dam 97
resareas.dat !skip1
CHR QTA ~ Trait !r Tr.SIRE Tr.Dam 
1 2 2
0 0 0
2 0 US
Trait 0 US
SIRE 0 0
Tr.Dam 2
Trait 0 US
Dam 0 0
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