asreml for windows
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asreml for windows


I was doing some ASREMLing with the PC version of the
program (downloaded on Jan 25, so I think it is the
most recent version). I have a few little queries:-
 (a) Some of my runs didn't produce .asr files having
     converged - the plot of residuals came up, I
     closed it (using the button in the top right
     corner - should I just have pressed return?), and
     the job ended with no .asr. When rerun with the
     -l option (to turn off the graphics -is this the
     only way to do this?), the runs produced .asr files.
 (b) I tried asreml -Pxx.asr
     and asreml -lPxx.asr but couldn't get it to
     run - it went into some kind of menu mode and wanted
     a .as file. Suggestions?
 (c) I had !M. in my .as file and it was reported as an
     invalid option and ignored. Is this because . is the
     default for missing values?


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