Setting up data and .as file
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Setting up data and .as file

Hi all,

I am having trouble seeing how to set up my data
(and consequently my .as file) for the following
multivariate analysis:-

I am wanting to get animal model estimates of
genetic parameters among 5 reproduction traits.

Two of the traits have from 1 to 4 repeated records.

I would like to get genetic, environmental/residual
and (where appropriate) permanent environmental
correlations among the 5 traits.

I know how to get bivariate analyses between a repeated
and a non-repeated trait:-

anim C . t1 .
anim C R  . t21
anim C R  . t22

where C estimates the environmental covariance, R estimates
the permanent nevironmental variance of the second trait
(minus the C variance). t1 and t2x are trait records. I can't
see how to extend this to get a multivariate case with three
non-repeated and 2 repeated traits. Any suggestions?

Recoding the data is not a problem, so don't feel you need
to come up with something that fits a similar pattern to the
above bivariate example.

Thanks in advance,

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