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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 03:52:34 +0000

Dear David,

(You may have received my initial reply to this via email if you are subscribed to the asreml-l email list as well (i.e. this email list is a mirror of this forum - anything put up on the forum should go to the email list, and vica versa). If you are not on the asreml-l list and didn't receive this email, please ignore this paragraph. In this initial email, I indicated that the link to your dataset you provided was not valid. It turns out that the link had been mangled (i.e. '~dag23' became '~dag') in the conversion from the forum to the email list.)

Having examined your dataset, it appears that the automatic creation of an input .as file is not infallible.

Firstly, as you indicate, it only appears to pick up the first 21 columns. This may be a hard limit in the automatic input file creation process. It appears that you probably need to edit the .as input file manually in a text editor to read in the remaining 23 columns.

Secondly, the automatic process hasn't recognized that your first two columns, Male and Female, are alphanumeric. You will need place a '!A' after each in your input file to tell ASReml that they are: i.e.
 Male !A
 Female !A
Because it didn't realize the first two columns were alphanumeric, it got confused and hence you got the error message 'Maximum record length [4096] exceeded when reading Male'.
Having the !A qualifiers should fix the problem.

Hope this helps,

Damian Collins, Biometrician, I&I NSW

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