Re: Maximum file size?

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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 11:17:10 +1100
Dear David,
 (NB. Arthur is away at present)

I am sorry for the delay in replying to your question.

I can't seem to access the link you provide below - I get a '404 Page not found' error.

I will try it out if you can provide me with a copy of your input file.
Without seeing the input file, I have difficulty providing an answer here.


Damian Collins, Biometrician, I&I NSW
ph: 02 4640 6451

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Subject: Maximum file size?


We're currently testing a version of AS-REML in the lab and I'm running into an issue with what appears to be a maximum on the size of an input file that I can use. If I run asreml on the following .csv file:

a .as control file is automatically generated. However, it appears many entries are missing. Despite the fact that the data file contains some ~94 columns, only 21 columns are listed in the resulting .as file. And when I attempt to run this .as file, I get the following error:

Maximum record length [4096] exceeded when reading Male

And only the first line is read.
Have I hit a maximum size for input files? The input file doesn't seem that large....

Many thanks,


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