Re: Estimation of Genetic Correlation reg.

From: shrinivas shamarao jahageerdar <jahageerdar_at_REDIFFMAIL.COM>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 14:39:27 -0000

Dear All,
A few days back I requested the syntax for estimation of genetic correlation both for animal model and sire model. Can some body provide me the same. I need the pin file also. I tried as per the user guide but the program is not running.

Dr.Shrinivas Jahageerdar
Division of Fish Genetics and Biotechnology
Central Institute of Fisheries Education
(Deemed University), ICAR
Panch Marg, Off Yari Road
Mumbai-400 061
Phone:(+91)22-26361446/7/8 Ext:486(O)
Received on Thu May 13 2009 - 14:39:27 EST

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