Re: LogL Converged, Parameter Not Converged

From: <brian.cullis_at_INDUSTRY.NSW.GOV.AU>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 20:43:40 +1100

Dear subash
I am trying to fit a linear mixed model for a Group Unbalanced Block
design, and I get a warning message in the .ASR file as ?LogL Converged,
Parameters Not converged?. I increased the number of iterations from 30 to
100 and still got the same warning message. Then, I changed it to 300 and
the model converged. So I thought it is safe to use a big number for
!MAXIT and changed it to 500. I got the same warning message which, I
thought, doesn?t make any sense for parameters to converge at 300
iterations but, not with 500 iterations. What could be the reason? The
other question I had is, Should I use !CONTINUE option instead of
increasing the number of iterations. How is it different from increasing
the number of iterations using !MAXIT? What impact does it have on the run

1. This message prints out in some situations when a parameter may be
small or poorly estimated - in the sense that the data may not support the
model you are fitting. If you would like to sanitise the data for
confidentiality reasons I would be most happy to try to run it for you to
see what I can make of it
2. continue is often a more reasonable way to achieve convergence as some
parameters may get fixed at boundary values etc

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