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Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 16:31:14 +0000


I have followed the asreml-R manual example on page 70 and I seem to have been able to make univariate animal models run for a small simulated dataset of my own. However, I am getting an error about a singularity in a bivariate analysis that I suspect may be coming from a problem in specifying the model rather than a true lack of information . The data are of 100 individuals measured for two traits, with overlapping maternal and paternal sibships. I've simulated no data for the parents.

My model and error are copied below. But more generally, is there any place I can go for examples of different types of animal models coded for asreml-R?




> test4<-asreml(cbind(P1,P2)~trait,
     random=~us(trait,init=c(0.1,0,0.1)):ped(ID, var=T),
     rcov=~units:us(trait, init=c(2,0,2)),

asreml(): 2.00 Library: 2.00bi Run: Sat Mar 21 16:23:09 2009
Equations: 362 (2 dense)
Initial update shrinkage factor: 0.316
     LogLik S2 DF

   1195.8666 1.0000 198 16:23:09 (6 component(s) constrained)
Warning: 1 singularities inAverage Information Matrix
Exit status: -1 - Singularity in Average Information Matrix

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