lines and countries
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lines and countries

Hi everyone

I have a data set that consists of quality attributes for wheat from 
9 countries.  There are 2 years of data.  I have used the following 
model :

y ~ mu c(year) c(country) !r line year.line !f mv

The blups in the .sln file for line are extremely small, absolute 
values of the magnitude 0.1 e-5 to 0.1 e-19.  So when I calculate 
the predicted means for lines the values are the same for lines within 
a country.

Out of curiousity I tried

y ~ mu c(year) c(country) !r c(line) year.line !f mv

and the blups look more realistic, in the e-1, e-3 range.

I'd like to know why these two models behave as they do.

Thanks for your time