Re: Using ASREML on Dec Alpha
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Re: Using ASREML on Dec Alpha

Dear Christy,

Your problem is probably too big for ASREML, especially if you are
using an animal model.  YOu are the second person who has attempted
a data set of that size.  I will have to consider how to handle
such problems.

As it stands assuming a simple model and pedigree, your problem would require
something like   700 000 animals by 8 traits by say 80 nonzero rows by 6 arrays 
by 8 bytes = 21508 Mbytes = 22 Gbytes of RAM.  This is a minimum.

A bivariate analysis by the same formula would require 700 000 x 2 x 20 x 6 x 8
= 1344 Mbytes  which is probaably too big for most machines.

Even a univariate analysis would require at least 400 Mbyte but it might 
be possible.

In the meanwhile, I suggest you try a simpler model [e.g. a sire model]
which may well run and give a good idea the components.

A memory allocation is printed on the top of the .asr file.
Memory allocation is controlled from the  SYSTEM.INC file called
by aimain.f

Please let us know how you go.


> To: asreml@chiswick.anprod.CSIRO.AU
> Subject: Using ASREML on Dec Alpha
> Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:39:09 CDT
> From: Christy Meyer <>
> I am writing to request assistance from your discussion group.  I am trying
> to use ASREML on a Dec Alpha machine with a Fortran 77 compiler.  I would
> like to analyze 700,000 records (each with 8 variables).  I keep receiving
> error message "6Too BIG! Use -s option."  I have used the -s option in the
> command line.  Does anyone have any suggestions how to increase the memory
> allocation for a Dec Alpha machine?
> Thank you,
>   Christy Meyer
>   Iowa State University
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> Christy Meyer
> 227 Kildee Hall		(515) 294-2712	
> Iowa State University
> Ames, IA 50011

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