Re: orthog polynomials and splines
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Re: orthog polynomials and splines

Hi Arthur,

Yes, the fixed spline was a typo.  I was asking about the structures for spline because whenever I try to run a program fitting splines I get the error:

Fault 1  Define structure for spl(age)

that is not in the manual.

My program is:

Analysis of FA8102, spline (model 1a)
 subject  !P
 mother  49
 father   1
 block    8
 age_fac 10 !I
c:\arauco\fa8102un.dat !MAKE !REPEAT
c:\arauco\fa8102un.dat !maxit 30
ht~mu lin(age) !r spl(age) subject subject.age subject.spl(age) dev(age)

or just
ht~mu age !r spl(age) subject subject.age subject.spl(age) 

with the same problem.

Luis Apiolaza
Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences
Massey University
Palmerston North
New Zealand

"Have little and you will get,
have much and you will be confused"
Lao Tzu