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Dear ASREMLers,

I am a bit of novice with the asreml, so I was hoping someone could help me out with what I think is a
memory problem. I have a rather large data set (approx 270,500 animals and 370 genetic groups), and I am
trying to analyse two traits (one which is repeated records and the other is not). The data file has
780,000 records on these two traits. I have copied the memory line out of top (below)  to give some
indication of the memory I have on the sun I am using for this analysis. To start with I have tried a
simple, single  trait analysis on the non-repeat record, just using one trait and fitting two fixed effects
and animals. I get a segmentation fault when the program has finished creating the a-inverse and is
making up the equations. Is this simply a memory problem? Do I have any other options than to chuck
out some data from the data set to make it more manageable? Especially as I really want to do
correlations between the traits, and a single trait model seems to be exceeding the available computer
resources? What sort of memory does one need to do the really big genetic evaluations seen in pigs and
dairy stuff, and is there some work arounds these guys do with the big data sets? Or, if I have to throw
away some data records, is there any papers written with decision rules or algorithms about how to go
about eliminating records when aiming to do variance component estimation?

many thanks for you help

ps below are the outputs and input files incase I am doing something wrong on that account. I have
been using the program (and manual) precompiled from the 6WCGALP CD.

Memory: 255M real, 205M free, 23M swap, 544M free swap

ASREML analysis of lamb surv data
 animal !P
 sex 2  !A
 age 13 !A
 cg 400 !A
 NB !M-1.00
 NW !M-1.00
 LS48 !M-1.00
ped.rom !GROUPS 370
LS48 ~ sex !r animal !f age

>asreml -s8
 A-inverse retrieved from ainverse.bin
 PEDIGREE [ped.rom ] has   280277 animals, 1007771 Non zero elements
  Data occupies 1016912 positions
  Forming 280293 equations: 3 dense
Segmentation Fault

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