Re: Analysis of data with 0.000's
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Re: Analysis of data with 0.000's

> From Thu Dec 11 11:48:38 1997
> Dear ASREMLers
> I have started to analyse data with real zeros in the data (log
> transforms) in the data file and these records are being treated as
> missing values.

Since Log(0) is ILLEGAL, it will be replaced with a missing value.
If you mean that you have data values of 1 so that log(1) is zero,
these should not be treated as MIssing unless you have
   !^0 !M0    or !^0 !D0
   !M0 !^0   would do the operations arround the other way so that 
   original zeros become missing.  The !M0 is redundant in this
case because ASREML should treat log(0) as a missing value anyway.

> Can someone tell me how to adjust my parameter file to overcome this.
> I could further transform the data but ....
> Also can I have an explanation of the values in the two columns (#zero
> and #miss).
  # ZERO is the number of zeros in the field (after transformation)
  #MISS is the number of missing values (These will be dropped)
> Neil Cullen
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