using predict statement
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using predict statement


I'm starting to use the predict statement, but I'm not sure about how
does it work. Using a model like:

!part 13
PPY ~ mu subrace rep !r mother
predict subrace

I obtain results for subraces like:
 rep                  is averaged over fixed levels
 Predicted values of PPY
 mother               is ignored in the prediction
 WARNING:  Missing cells in table

 subrace             Predicted_Value Standard_Error EPcode                                   
 "Flinders Island"           51.1017         0.4593 P  
 "King Island"               51.7799         0.4051 P  
 "Strzelecki Ranges"         51.2644         0.4696 P  
 "Southern Tasmania"         52.0033         0.4782 P  
 "Western Otways"            52.2484         0.4108 P  
 "North-eastern Tasma        50.5914         0.6675 P
 "South-eastern Tasma        51.9727         0.3643 P  
 "Strzelecki Foothill        50.7930         0.4653 P  
 Standard Error of Difference: Min     0.5433   Mean     0.6613   Max     0.8188

From the as file mu is 50.4851 with sdterr 0.490574. Shouldn't some of
the subrace solutions be over and some under the overall mean? That is
the case if I calculate mu+subrace effects (either from the .asr or
the .sln files). I would appreciate an explanation about how does
predict work.

Best regards,


Dr Luis A. Apiolaza
Quantitative Geneticist
CRC for Sustainable Production Forestry
School of Plant Science
University of Tasmania
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Hobart TAS 7001

phone:   +61-3-6226 2213
fax:     +61-3-9229 2698

'The search for truth is more precious than
 its possession' --Albert Einstein

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