Bivariate model with binomial variable (0,1) and (2)
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Bivariate model with binomial variable (0,1) and (2)

Hi All,

I am having difficulty to run a bivariate model with a
binomial (0,1) and normally distributed variable. Any
suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

Please have a look and make suggestions if you can. This is
the second time I am asking for help and nobody has
answered yet.

Fikret ISIK

I keep getting error messages as blow:

1) jwe0019i-u The program was terminated abnormally with
Invalid Binomial/Threshold proportion

At the end of the .asr file:
2) Warning: The LogL value is unsuitable for comparing GLM
models Assuming binomial data expressed as counts

I checked the ASREML Mailing archives for similar problems
and Dr.Arthur Gilmour made some suggestions to one of the

I have tried several suggestions to overcome the problem:
1- Increased the memory allocation in the command line(-S4)
2-Run Univariate first for each trait and got initial
variances and
placed them in the model.
3-In the error variance matrix, I used !GPF qualifier to
fixed the error variance for the binomial variable. None
did help.

I included the Command file for your review.
Here is some information about the data and the system I am

family =120
test sites (locations)=4
total number of observations: 14883
System: Windows 98, Memory=160 MB, Intel Pentium Celeron.
ASREML version:[13 Jun 2001]

Age1 Vpine data, single tree plots
treeid   !P     # tree id in Pedigree and Data files
test 4   !I     # there are 4 sites, recode
rep 35          # There are 35 reps
family 120 !A   # there are 120 families, coded tree
c:\Vpine\Data\age1.ped   !SKIP 1 !MAKE # pedigree file
c:\Vpine\Data\age1.dat  -STEP !CONTINUE  !ASUV #
ht  fork !bin !LOG ~ Trait Trait.test Trait.test.rep ,
                 !r !f mv
                 1 2 2
                 0 0 0
                 Trait 0 US !GPF
                 0.78028 0.792 1.000
                 Trait 0 US !GP
                 0.102466 0.102 0.129718
                 family 0
                 Trait 0 US !GP
                 0.032325 0.028 0.026134
                 family.test 0

 Fikret ISIK, Post-doc
 N.C. State University, Dept. of Forestry
 Campus Box 8002, Raleigh NC 27695, USA
 phone: (919)515-5029, fax:(919)-515-3169

.Fikret ISIK, Ph.D.
.Population genetics, Forest Tree Improvement
.NC State University, Dept. of Forestry
 Campus Box 8002, Raleigh NC 27695-8002,US
.fax:919-515-3169 phone:919-515-5029

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