Solutions for FE under link functions
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Solutions for FE under link functions

Dear Arthur,

when 0/1 data is analysed with the probit (or logit) link function, do the
solutions for fixed effects have any meaning? For example, the following
solutions are obtained for management groups under either animal (A) or
sire (S) models, when assuming normality (N) or using the probit link
function (P). 

0.33	0.33	71.61
0.38	0.38	71.80
0.43	0.43	71.86
0.58	0.59	72.72

What is the interpretation of these results, and why are SP values of such
a different magnitude? The differences between solutions for each level
also vary. Are computed F_values informative for modelling purposes when
using the link functions?

Any comments much appreciated.


Kim Bunter
Research Scientist
Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
University of New England
Armidale, NSW, 2351

Ph (ISD): -61-2-67733788
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