bivariate animal model with binomial and normal traits
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bivariate animal model with binomial and normal traits

Hi users,
I have had difficults to set up a bivariate animal model with one (0, 1) trait (two years-old pregnancy rate) and one normally distributed trait (yearling weight).
- the records of pregnancy rate (females after selection) were obtained for 1/3 of the total animals wich have records of yearling weight (males and females before selection). Can it cause any problem in this kind of bivariate analysis?
-because of the missing data, I put "9" in the data file to indicate missing values for pregnancy rate, and put !m9 in .as file. Can I make this?
-after run, with sucess, the univariate analysis for weight and p.rate with the data file with "9" in the missing values, I make the following .as file to run an bivariate analysis:
Analise de psel e sucesso parto
 animal !P     #animal
 mae !I          #dam-to fit permanent environmental effect
 reb !I            #herd
 mn !I            # birth month
 idamae !I      #age of dam
 sexo !I         #sex
 idaem !-774.7354    #age at breeding season
 psel             #yearling weight
 pren !m9      # p.rate 0 or 1, with missing values =9
ptp1.dat  !extra 30 !report
pren psel !BIN !PROBIT ~ Trait Tr.reb at(Tr,1).idaem at(Tr,2).mn at(Tr,2).idamae at (Tr,2).sexo !r Tr.animal at(Tr,2).mae
1 2 1
Up here, the program failed giving: error setting dependent variable.
Moreover I am not sure if  the last two lines are correct, and  how can I to indicate the variance and covariance structure.
Any help will be greatly appreciated