RE: Virus Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Virus Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!

Already opened and infected. Is it a nasty one? Can't believe it happens in
this forum. I have never run into a email virus until now.


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[]On Behalf Of Hermann Balde
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2001 4:58 PM
Subject: Virus Warning !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear ASREML users:

I received from the asreml mailing list an e-mail wich contains a virus
(the sircam worm). I have already told it to the sender and I want to
prevent you from opening the attachement (the mail subject should be
"DOC2", but it could change randomly). So, please, do not open the
attachement from this mail.

Hermann Balde
Forest Engineer

Hermann Balde

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