Testing genetic covariances between populations
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Testing genetic covariances between populations


I wonder if it is possible to test if genetic covariances (or rather
genetic covariance matrices) differ between two treatments (or
populations). For example, a model that looks like TRA TRB TRC TRD ~ Trait
Tr.Group !r Tr.Sire Tr.Sire.Dam   for two different populations (Group is
not the population factor). What I then would like to test is if Tr.Sire
differs between the Pops. Any suggestions on how to do this with ASREML?
One idea could be to incorporate the Pop factor in some way and test the
differences in likelihood between a model were Pop (and its interaction
with Tr.Sire) was constrained to be equal and alternatively free, but how
to do this?

Best regards,

Patrik Waldmann
University of Oulu

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