ASREML crashes
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ASREML crashes


I am using asreml to run random regressions using Legendre polynomials.  All is
well with the test examples and I am able to get the same solutions using asreml
and dxmrr.  Problems arise when I attempt to analyse actual data.  Because of
the computational demands associated with running rr models, I have started by
analysing the data by season (i.e. year).  I have 7 years of data. Each year has
been analysed using the same model. There are two random effects in the model -
one for the genetic effect and one for the permanent environmental effect.   The
second degree polynomial is included in the model  as animal.phi and perm.phi
for the genetic and permanent environmental effects, respectively (see the
program below). The problem is that for some years the program crashes and for
others the program runs properly and produces reasonable results.  The program
gets as far as this before it crashes :

 Thu Nov  2 08:57:37 2000 512.00 Mbyte  Unix   rrprogram
 PEDIGREE [rrped97es.txt ] has    40156 identities,  119809 Non zero elements
 Univariate analysis of yobs
  WARNING - Fewer levels found in category             than specified
  WARNING - Fewer levels found in sire                 than specified
  WARNING - Fewer levels found in dam                  than specified
  WARNING - Fewer levels found in tdgroup              than specified
          11          19  0.000000000000000E+000           0
  Data record order assumed correct: not reordered

In other words, it doesn't get to the point where it tells you how many
equations have been formed and how many of those are in the 'dense' section.

The error message I get when the program crashes is:

forrtl: error (65): floating invalid
/usr/bin/sh: 19072 Abort - core dumped

The program crashes regardless of the starting values used for the coefficients
of the polynomials.  However, if I change the model so that the random
regression is included for only the animal effect or only the permanent
environmental effect (i.e. include animal.phi perm OR animal perm.phi) , then
the program does not crash.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to fix this problem,

Anne Winkelman
Livestock Improvement
New Zealand

The command file I am using is: Random regression: Legendre polynomials
 category 6
 animal !P
 sire 1000 !I
 dam  11992 !I
 tdgroup 2000 !I
 age 5 !I
 phi 3 !F
 rest 3 !F
 perm 11992 !I
rrped97es.txt  !MAKE     # pedigree file: animal, sire, dam
rrphi97s.txt !MAXIT 40 # sorted by category, animal
yobs ~ age covar1 covar2 covar3 covar4 covar5 phi,
 !r animal.phi perm.phi !f tdgroup !f mv
3 1 2 # R header line <sites> <dimensions> <G-structures>
16691 0 0 !s2=0.06499  # R str <levels> <0 if sorted> <structure>
17898 0 0 !s2=0.04141
10324 0 0 !s2=0.03222
animal.phi 2 # G structure <model_term> <dimensions>
animal 0 AINV
3 0 US !+6 # <order> 0 (sortc) <model> <init parm> <!qualifier>
 0.02737                        # v11
 0.006671  0.005080             # c21 v22
-0.002988 -0.0006959 0.0009269  # c31 c32 v33
perm.phi 2 # perm environment <model_term> <dimensions>
perm 0 I
3 0 US !+6 # <order> 0 (sortc) <model> <init parm> <!qualifier>
 0.1276                         # v11
 0.006377 0.02221               # c21 v22
-0.01276 -0.007385 0.01171      # c31 c32 v33

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