!Continue option
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!Continue option

Dear Arthur,
Dear All,

When running ASREML sometimes one get the message 'LogL conerged,
Parameters not converged'. I thinks the case is ASREML has found a
maximum loglikelihood value, but in the las iteration the variance
components varied over a prefixed percentage (0%, and in the % column in
asr file this value is 1 or more). But running again the model with the
'!continue' option the LogL value stays the same and the parameters
could converge (sometimes one need re-running the model more than 1
time). In addition to this when one re-run the model after the
parameters have converged, the variance components change (not  much).
So the questions are:

1. When parameters don't converge at first time (but LokL do), must one
re-run the model with the !continue option still they do ?
2. When the model converge (Logl and parameters), must one re-run the
job still variance compobnentes don't change ?

Hermann Balde
Ingeniero Forestal (e)
Universidad de Chile

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