Re: Fortran error
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Re: Fortran error

Dear Janet,

I thank Bruce for his input.

I ran your pin file on the output files you sent and it worked
on my Sun and PC versions and both worked.  I note
you are using a May 1999 version I I vaguely recolect there was
an occasional bug which has been fixed since then.

I suggest you update your version and see if the problem is resolved.



apollo:77[~/TMP]$ more chbam.pvs
   4 PhenBWT  1    0.7729      0.1433E-01
     H2BwtD       = ID         2/PhenBWT    4=        0.2496  0.0261
     H2BwtM       = ID         3/PhenBWT    4=        0.2299  0.0150

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