Re: Diallels & ASREML
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Re: Diallels & ASREML

Dear TOre,
First let me apologise for not replying on Friday.
I simply ran out of time.

Both of your proposals for fitting PARENT effects
in nthe diallel are possible in ASREML.  In the first case, the elements 
of the job would be

 father 50
 mother 50          # coded identically with father
 response ~ mu !r father and(mother) 
 The and() function lays the 'mother' design matrix over the
 'father' matrix.  Any 'selfed' plants would have a 2.
 All others will have a one in the columns relating to father and mother.
 If you wanted to add maternal effects or family effects
 just add the terms.

The alternative where you actually supply the design matrix
is also possible.  The elements of that job would be

 parent 50 !F
 response ~ mu !r parent
In this case, the !F qualifier specifies that the factor 'parent'
is already in the form of a design matrix (50 columns in the
data file).

Obviously, the first method is much easier to set up
but both are possible.


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