Re: Missing values for 0-1 data
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Re: Missing values for 0-1 data

Dear Haja,

The recent discussion on missing values related primarily to missing values
in the INdependent variables, not the response variables.  A missing value
in an INDEPENDENT variable is treated as ZERO uless the record is DROPPED.

I have fixed ASREML allowing a user to DROP RECORDS when
there is a missing value in the INDEPENDENT variable.
I hope to put this version on BBSRC today.

ASREML indeed distinquishes between   * and 0  in the DEPENDENT variable.
Action depends on the context.  The simple action is to automatically
delete the record which is appropriate in many cases.  However,
if  mv   is included in the model, records with missing responses are 
retained and the missing values estimated.

In multivariate analysis,  the records are retained but zero rows
inserted into the R matrix so that missing values are not estimated.


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> Subject: Missing values for 0-1 data
> Dear ASREML members,
> A follow-up on discussion on missing values: 
> 	If ASREML gives a value of zero to missing dependant variable, 
> denoted as (*),  then can anyone tell me how ASREML differentiates 
> binary data (dependant variable coded as either 0 or 1) with some 
> dependant variables given the value (*) ? Hopefully, it does distinguish 
> between two types of zero's.
> Thanks
> Haja
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