Problem DOS version on Windows NT
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Problem DOS version on Windows NT

I am having a problem running the latest DOS versions on my NT workstation 
machine.  ( I run ASREML from within some shell fortran programs, but it 
also happens outside them).  I get the message below:

However when I run the same program from another NT machine (server) or 
from an Windows 95 machine it runs OK!

Any ideas?


              |     32-bit Power for Lahey Computer Systems      |
              |   Phar Lap's 386|DOS-Extender(tm) Version 8.02   |
              |  Copyright (C) 1986-96 Phar Lap Software, Inc.   |
              |           Available Memory = 15356 Kb            |

Abnormal program termination: Memory protection fault
CS:EIP = 0227h:0000799Ch