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Re: Last version ASREML

Dear Jose,

I have been on leave since Christmas until yesterday and have
only just become aware of the problem.

A temporary work around is to type  D   rather than <Enter>
when the first graph appears.  This supresses ASREML from writing
the other figures to files but they will still appear on the screen.

The problem does not occur in the Unix version and I may have to
refer it to the makers of the graphics routines for resolution.

It is associated with a new release of the compiler and of the graphics library
as well as changes I have made but it looks like a problem with the library.

Thanks for the advice.


> Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:15:04 -0600 (CST)
> From: "Jose Crossa, Biometrics Unit, CIMMYT." <>
> Subject: Last version ASREML
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>      Arthur
>      We unloaded last version of ASREML (Dec. 98). Suprisingly 
>      it does produce the residual variagram but does not produce 
>      the histogram of the residuals nor the other graph of 
>      residuals by row/col. On the screen it displayed an error 
>      message "System call=open, errno=2, unit=41".
>      Have you detected this problem or is just happening to us 
>      for othyer reasons?
>      Best wishes for 1999!
>      Jose Crossa
>      CIMMYT
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