Dec Alpha and memory problems
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Dec Alpha and memory problems

Good morning all, 

When one runs asreml with the -s option, asreml determines if the
memory requested can be acquired through the command called "malloc"
(this code is found in If the requested memory can not be
obtain, then asreml decreases the memory in a number of incremental
steps until it reaches an acceptable memory limit which brings me to
my problem. 

I am using a Dec Alpha workstation with the DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0
operating system. This machine has around 1/2 Gig of memory, however,
ASREML will only allocate 134Meg. I have tried running ASREML on
several other Dec Alpha's and the same bound of 134Meg is always

I then tried running this code on other platforms (i.e. Sun, HP,
Silcon Graphics) and was surprised that the amount of allocatable
memory was much large, even for machines that had less total memory
than my machine. 

Thus, the limited memory asreml is allocated on a Dec Alpha appears to
be a Dec Alpha problem. Does any one know of any way of getting around
this problem? 

Many thanks and my apologies if this has already been discussed.


Andrew George

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