Getting help
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Getting help

My name is  Carlos. Im from Argentina and Im working in 
At  the moment Im in Spain and I would like to join the 
discussion grouplist. 
Im  trying to use Asreml in progeny trials  in order 
to rank genotypes  but Ihavent enough experience. Id like  to 
get  the  Asreml linear model for an open pollinated progeny 
trial planted according to the following  model:

y = mu +  Set + Set*Rep + Fam(Set) + e

 where: Set=provenances (random)
 Fam=families (random) 
Families are nested within sets. 
I need components of variances for  this model in order to calculate
heretability,  gain  and rank families.

I have 250 families in  a single tree plot design with 15 
replications. There are 10 sets with 25 families each. The total
number of trees is 3750. 
I am looking forward to your reply.
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