Re: Predict in ASReml-R leads to 'memory not mapped' crash

From: Butler, David <David.Butler_at_DEEDI.QLD.GOV.AU>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 12:45:52 +1000

Hi Marc, Not sure what's going on here, I can't reproduce your problem. The default call to predict gives: > yield.pred <- predict(sp.asr, classify = "Treatment:Entry") asreml(): 3.0.1 Library: 3.01fe IA32 Run: Tue Feb 09 12:41:02 2010 LogLik S2 DF -1691.3818 6699.5750 352 12:41:02 -1691.3818 6699.6128 352 12:41:02 -1691.3818 6699.6635 352 12:41:02 -1691.3818 6699.7140 352 12:41:02 Finished on: Tue Feb 09 12:41:02 2010 LogLikelihood Converged > yield.pred$predictions $pvals Treatment Entry predicted.value standard.error est.status 1 A Above 643.0780 26.46003 Estimable 2 A Ankor 611.1636 26.58064 Estimable so there seems to be no memory problem. Perhaps we can discuss this further off the list. Dave. ________________________________ From: ASReml users discussion group [mailto:ASREML-L@DPI.NSW.GOV.AU] On Behalf Of moragues Sent: Tuesday, 9 February 2010 1:20 AM To: ASREML-L@DPI.NSW.GOV.AU Subject: Re: Predict in ASReml-R leads to 'memory not mapped' crash Hi Dave, I am trying to predict a 5 x 24 table. This is the code I am using and the data is attached: yield.dat <- read.delim("YGreeley09.asd", h = T, quote = "\"") yield.dat <- merge(yield.dat, data.frame(Treatment = levels(yield.dat$Treatment), wplot = factor(1:5))) # Add main plot factor yield.dat <- yield.dat[order(yield.dat$Row, yield.dat$Col),] yield.dat$Row <- factor(yield.dat$Row) yield.dat$Col <- factor(yield.dat$Col) sp.asr <- asreml(yield~Treatment, random = ~ Rep + Entry+Treatment:Entry, data = yield.dat, rcov=~ar1(Row):ar1(Col), na.method.Y = "include") yield.pred <- predict(sp.asr, classify = "Treatment:Entry", pworkspace = 16e6) I also used the "oats" data and example code to figure this out. Thanks, Marc. -------------------- m2f -------------------- Sent using Mail2Forum ( Read this topic online here: -------------------- m2f -------------------- Attachments: Yield data of 24 cultivars grown in 5 water treatments. <> This message is intended for the addressee named and may contain confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete it and notify the sender. Views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, and are not necessarily the views of their organisation. ********************************DISCLAIMER**************************** The information contained in the above e-mail message or messages (which includes any attachments) is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended only for the use of the person or entity to which it is addressed. If you are not the addressee any form of disclosure, copying, modification, distribution or any action taken or omitted in reliance on the information is unauthorised. Opinions contained in the message(s) do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Queensland Government and its authorities. If you received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete it from your computer system network.
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