Re: Predict in ASReml-R leads to 'memory not mapped' crash

From: moragues <asremlforum_at_VSNI.CO.UK>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 15:20:17 +0000

Hi Dave,

I am trying to predict a 5 x 24 table. This is the code I am using and the data is attached:

yield.dat <- read.delim("YGreeley09.asd", h = T, quote = "\"")
yield.dat <- merge(yield.dat, data.frame(Treatment = levels(yield.dat$Treatment), wplot = factor(1:5))) # Add main plot factor
yield.dat <- yield.dat[order(yield.dat$Row, yield.dat$Col),]
yield.dat$Row <- factor(yield.dat$Row)
yield.dat$Col <- factor(yield.dat$Col)
sp.asr <- asreml(yield~Treatment, random = ~ Rep + Entry+Treatment:Entry, data = yield.dat, rcov=~ar1(Row):ar1(Col), na.method.Y = "include")
yield.pred <- predict(sp.asr, classify = "Treatment:Entry", pworkspace = 16e6)

I also used the "oats" data and example code to figure this out.


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