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From: KRISHNAMURTHY, SUBASH [AG/1000] <subash.krishnamurthy_at_MONSANTO.COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:12:48 -0500

Dear Dr. Gilmour,

I would like thank you, Dr. Cullis, Dr. Bruce, and Dr. Victor E Olori,
for your response that helped me better understand the model fitting
process in ASREML.

Here, this software is on a server within a production database. The
production database calls ASREML analysis modules (that we have written
for specific experimental designs) to analyze data from breeding trials
on a server. At this point, it is completely automated and no manual
intervention is allowed. During harvest season we have thousands of
datasets that needs to go through analysis. I agree if I were running
the analysis on my machine, I have the liberty of running it with
various different options and trying out different models. Given our
setup, I was trying to identify if we can somehow automate the process
of continuing to run, using for example, the !CONTINUE qualifier, when
the parameters do not converge, or drop that effect from the model and
fit a simpler model. I guess I can achieve this with a few programming
steps within ASREML to automate this process.

Best Regards,


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Dear Subash,

After every iteration, ASReml rewrites the .rsv file.

If you use !CONTINUE and there is no .rsv file (the job has not been
previously run) then !CONTINUE is ignored because there is no point to

Now if the model is changed between runs, ASReml picks up the parameters
for the parts that are recognized as the same. Further more it
recognises some progressions so the values from as a CORUV structure
may be used it initialize a XFA1 structure.

Now if using PARTs, you may have run PART 1 but not part 2.
If the .rsv file from part 1 was say SK1.rsv,
you can copy SK1.rsv to SK2.rsv
so that an .rsv file exists for part 2 and CONTINUE will work the first
time you run part 2.

ASReml 3 tries to be a little smarter and do this for you via a new .ask
file which just keeps track of which part was run last. Then if you
run part 1, then part 2 with continue, ASReml will check for SK2.rsv
and since it is not there, identify SK1.rsv as being the .rsv file that
should be used.

The whole aim is to avoid the tedious and error prone process of
manually typing in revised initial values after running an initial job.

Best wishes.

On Wed, 2009-10-14 at 09:11 -0500, KRISHNAMURTHY, SUBASH [AG/1000]
> I am still trying to understand how this !CONTINUE works and I
> apologize, if in the process, I am asking the same questions over and
> over.
> It seems to me that for the qualifier !CONTINUE to work, the .rsv file
> must be sitting there. Does this mean that I have to run the program
> twice each time I see this message of Parameter Not Converged? If
> that is the case, is there a way to tell ASREML to do this
> automatically.
> Also, is it safe to use the outputs like the Least Squared Means
> (BLUPS), standared erros of the LSM (BLUPS) etc., with this warning
> message?

Best Wishes,
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